Webinar Replay | Battle of the Bands – What’s at stake for space at WRC-23

The next global fight for spectrum gets underway Nov. 20 when the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) convenes its quadrennial World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) in Dubai for a four-week battle over frequency bands vital to all manner of wireless communications.
While the satellite industry could gain access to more radio waves, vital frequencies could also be taken away to support 5G and other bandwidth-hungry terrestrial wireless services.
The webinar discussed the key issues for space as the ITU, the spectrum enforcement arm of the United Nations, prepares to set ground rules for existing and future telecoms services.
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Today’s webinar was sponsored by the Alliance for Satellite Broadband, a new alliance of leading industry and experts in support of modernizing satellite regulations. Specifically, the Alliance urges the ITU to approve a Future Agenda Item at WRC-23 on studying “epfd limits,” which constrain the ability of non-G

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