Magnus is the next release of the All-in-One Space Situational Awareness platform Umbra, with new capabilities and features built on years of learning and experiments.

Magnus platform improvements and new Modules deliver data-leading innovation, while staying true to Umbra's mission: building a space situational awareness ecosystem that securely integrates data and intelligence, to empower commercial and government entities in Space.

Platform Upgrade

Magnus platform upgrade makes Umbra S.S.A. more accessible, performant, open, and proactive, so that you can continue turning data into intelligence.

Umbra S.S.A. platform transforms our ability to turn random data points into knowledge. It is how our organization understands Space and its environment.

— Chief Technical Officer

Highly Accurate Catalog

The most valuable component of a Space Situational Awareness (SSA) operation is a highly accurate catalog. If you don't have excellent information about what's in the region of space you're concerned about, where it's been, and where it was last detected, then the cleverest algorithms and the brightest minds won't be able to help you. An SSA catalog is a living environment, constantly refreshed with new track data and refined with correlation checks.


Assess Vulnerability & Protect Assets

Determine the risk of a threat object and received customized alerts and theory vulnerability assessments. You can conduct this vulnerability analysis quickly and simultaneously for all operational assets to provide  mission assurance for any space-based system. This analysis supports all orbit zones such as LEO to LEO, GEO to GEO, LEO to GEO, and everything in between.


Stable Performance

As the amount of objects in orbit increase, so does the computing power required to track, compute and analyse every piece of information. Magnus analyses and computes data on more than 20.000 objects with minimal performance decrease. Thus spend more time analyzing and less time waiting with radically improved performance, real-time feeds, and significantly faster download times.

Continuous Updates

Magnus is a modern SSA Ecosystem with regular platform improvements delivered without interruptions and more frequently than ever before.

  • New Home Interface

  • Updated Catalog View

  • Real Time Feeds

  • Smart Search

  • Saved Objects

  • PDF Tech Notes

  • Improved Tagging Experience

  • Updated Object Directory


  • Deployability Improvements


Expand the power of Umbra S.S.A. with additional Modules available on Magnus.

Modules deliver the latest in artificial intelligence, large-scale data analysis, real-time collaboration, and operational planning to multiply what entities can achieve. Each individual Module unlocks transformative workflows from the entity's integrated data asset in Umbra, and also contributes critical new intelligence back.

Umbra Collab —

Secure SSA Data Sharing

Umbra Collab allows easy and secure SSA data sharing between space operators using encryption technology and improved data interoperability by use of improved new SSA data standards.

Orbital congestion is rapidly becoming a growing problem as more than two dozen companies alone have proposed launching well over 20,000 satellites in the next 10 years...

Umbra Theorem —

Theory & Risk Tool

Using expanded datapoints and live feeds receive dynamic intelligent theories and risk reports of Space objects on different levels including collission avoidance, perturbations, wargame simulations and cybersecurity allowing space operators to gain immediate insights and respond.

A growing number of countries and commercial actors are getting involved in Space, resulting in more innovation and benefits on Earth, but also more challenges and competition in space.

Umbra Analytics —

Instant Data Analytics

Umbra Analytics breaks down different information and data silos to unite data within Umbra's analytical S.S.A. environment. Using specialised tools generate instant live analytic reports of your space assets and habitable environment for immediate evaluation and assesment within your organization.

Analytics breaks this information down into comprehensible reports for technical or executive review.

Umbra Sense —

Space Awareness Sensors

Enjoy improved orbit determination and a better Space awareness using Umbra Sense, an advanced high performance algorithm using shared datapoints and a sophisticated network of sensors and partners to provide a responsive space tracking system.

Umbra Sense is as close as you get to ground-orbital surveillance of space objects.

Umbra Horus —

Geospatial Intelligence

Make smarter decisions through daily intelligence reports by analyzing areas of interest that combine OSINT, IMINT and HUMINT data.

Umbra Horus offers a comprehensive and user friendly all-in-one solution to better understand areas of interest.

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