Space tech startup True Anomaly set to launch its first satellites

WASHINGTON — Space startup True Anomaly is preparing for the launch of its first two satellites, designed to maneuver in close proximity to other objects, inspect them and take pictures.
True Anomaly, founded in 2022 and fresh off a $100 million fundraising round, intends to demonstrate the capabilities of its Jackal spacecraft to perform in-orbit activities known as rendezvous and proximity operations.
“The Jackals will capture high-resolution images and full-motion video of one another while maneuvering in close proximity,” True Anomaly’s founder and chief executive Even Rogers said in a recent interview. 
Two Jackal spacecraft, each about 300 kilograms, are scheduled to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in the upcoming Transporter-10 rideshare.
The company, based in Centennial, Colorado, focuses on the military market, aiming to deploy Jackal satellites in support of U.S. Space Force activities. Military units, for example, could use the satellites

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