Planet reveals $20 million Carbon Mapper contract

SAN FRANCISCO – Planet announced a $20 million agreement to provide hyperspectral data for Carbon Mapper’s greenhouse gas monitoring campaign.

The deal, which extends from 2026 to 2030, “will help Carbon Mapper deliver high resolution methane and CO2 super-emitter data to decision makers around the globe,” Carbon Mapper CEO Riley Duren said in a statement. “In particular, this agreement lays the groundwork for further expansion of the constellation of Tanager satellites and the extension of Carbon Mapper’s mission to make methane and CO2 visible in a transparent fashion through our public data portal.”

The nonprofit Carbon Mapper is one of the key public and private initiatives that have emerged in recent years to map and monitor atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide.

First Tanager LaunchPlanet’s first hyperspectral Tanager satellite, designed to gather visible through shortwave infrared imagery, is scheduled to launch in 20

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