L3Harris demonstrates digital phased array antenna system

SAN FRANCISCO – L3Harris Technologies announced the results Feb. 7 of a three-month demonstration of a compact Digital Beamforming Phased Array Antenna System (DPAAS).
During the demonstration in Fairbanks, Alaska, the DPAAS prototype handled an average of more than 300 satellite contacts per day, including up to eight simultaneous contacts.
The technology “supports the idea of scaling and supporting multiple missions with common infrastructure,” Shikha Ganguly, L3Harris general manager for weather, space and airborne systems, told SpaceNews in late January at the American Meteorological Society’s annual meeting in Baltimore.
Government and commercial customers are seeking innovative ground systems to communicate with large satellite constellations in low-Earth orbit and with constellations that include spacecraft in different orbital planes.
“As people go to either proliferated architectures or multilayer architectures, the digital phased array tech

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