AI spurs space sector innovation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – The pace of innovation in the space sector is picking up thanks in part to artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Amazon Web Services customers, for example, are designing spacecraft parts with generative AI. The parts are then 3D-printed and run through a battery of tests.
The process leads to rapid iteration of designs that are “very intuitive and very innovative at the same time,” Alistair McLean, AWS Satellite Solutions principal architect, said Feb. 7 at the SmallSat Symposium here.
Generative AI relies on deep-learning models to answer questions or create content based on patterns detected in enormous datasets. Much of the benefit for space companies comes from pairing generative AI with more traditional machine-learning algorithms and computer-vision models.
“It’s a wonderful menagerie that seems to be a growing in terms of data and ways that customers are applying it,” McLean said.
Cognitive Space sees pro

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